New fire truck rolls into fire station

Apr. 19—A new fire engine rolled into Muskogee's main fire station Thursday, with help from a few firefighters and city officials.

Muskogee Fire Department dedicated its new rescue engine with a roll-in ceremony. The engine was put into neutral gear while people pushed it into the station's garage.

"This is an important piece of equipment we utilize on a daily basis in response to different incidents," Fire Chief Jody Moore said. "Structure fires, medical calls, car wrecks, it does it all. We're very proud to have it."

Moore said a roll-in ceremony commemorates the late 1800s, when firefighters used horse-drawn engines and hose wagons. After fires, they would unhook and water down their horses, then push the wagons back into the station, he said.

The ceremony and the new engine reflect Muskogee Fire Department's 130 years of service, Moore said.

"It's a shining beacon of resilience," he said. "It stands as testament to our ongoing commitment to serving and protecting each and every one of you. More than a machine, it embodies spirit of teamwork and sacrifice. Countless hours of training, preparation and readiness to respond to calls on a moment's notice."

The new engine cost $597,774, said Tera Shows, City of Muskogee communications director.

Moore said the new engine, an E-One model with a Spartan chassis, replaces a similar engine that was 20 years old.

He said the older engine logged more than 100,000 miles. Mileage is just part of the wear and tear.

"When these things are pumping for house fires and structure fires, they rev the engines up to 3,000 RPM over a long period of time," Moore said. "That's a lot of wear and tear, for hours on end."

The new engine has close to 800 horsepower and has a device that engages a pump, he said. The water tank holds 1,003 gallons of water and pre-connected hoses. Three firefighters ride up front, he said.

"We're able to store more equipment," Moore said. "Medical equipment is in front itself. It does basically the same thing as the other model, only newer and more reliable."