Fireballs Spotted by Alberta Skywatchers

Webcam footage captured two fireballs falling through the sky over Calgary, Alberta, on the night of Wednesday, March 1, a local photographer said, as other skywatchers reported similar sightings on social media.

Alberta-based photographer Siv Heang Tav, who recorded the footage, told Storyful, “I saw the first meteor on my drive home, and when I checked my camera footage, noticed a second, even larger, meteor a few minutes later.”

The American Meteor Society (AMS) received one report of a fireball near Alberta, just two minutes prior to the timestamp of Tav’s first sighting. While the AMS didn’t receive reports of another fireball that night, other social media users reported the sighting online and shared video matching the timestamp of Tav’s second fireball sighting. Credit: Siv Heang Tav via Storyful

Video transcript