Fired Apprentice candidate denies swearing in front of client: 'They used it to make a storyline'

Apprentice viewers were in for a shock during last night’s episode, with Lord Alan Sugar firing all three candidates who returned to the boardroom after failing their dog-grooming task.

Andrew Brady, Anisa Topan and Charles Burns all found themselves going home in the back of a taxi, with Andrew being the first to go after Lord Sugar showed concern for his immaturity – with the 26-year-old businessman stunning his fellow contestants when he swore in front of a potential client.

Andrew claims that he was falsely edited to make a storyline. Copyright: [BBC]

However, Andrew has now claimed that all is not as it seems – suggesting that the producers exaggerated the situation for the sake of a storyline.

Speaking about supposedly dropping the f-bomb when trying to secure a poop-scooping contract with a client from Forty Hall, Andrew told The Sun: “I’m very p***** off because it was put in at a time to deliberately make me look bad. It is total b******s.

“They used it to tell a storyline.”

Three candidates were fired in last night’s shock Apprentice episode. Copyright: [BBC]

Clarifying what actually happened, he added to Radio Times: “I did swear, but not at the time [the editors] showed. They had the sound but they didn’t have the visual of me doing it

“It wasn’t in front of the client, but it looks like it was. Well, the client was there but they couldn’t hear it because I whispered it, but they put [the audio] up.”

Andrew also revealed what his business plan had consisted of, with the businessman hoping to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in order to launch ‘Brady’s Bars’ – a mobile bar and party hosting business – something that Andrew now admits probably wouldn’t have been an ideal business for 70-year-old Sugar.

Andrew admits that he probably wasn’t right for Lord Sugar. Copyright: [BBC]

He continued: “We wouldn’t be right for each other – I’m not right for him and he’s not right for me.”

A sentiment that we are sure Lord Sugar couldn’t agree more with.

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