Firefighters Put Out Flame-Engulfed Tesla That Kept Self-Igniting at Sacramento Wrecking Yard

Firefighters worked to put out a fire-engulfed Tesla vehicle that self-ignited in a wrecking yard in Sacramento, California, on Thursday, June 9.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (SMFD) said the vehicle had been involved in a wreck three weeks prior and suffered major damage.

“Crews knocked the fire down, but the car kept reigniting and off-gassing in the battery compartment. Working with the onsite wrecking yard personnel, the Tesla was moved on its side to gain access to the battery compartment underneath. Even with direct penetration, the vehicle would still reignite due to the residual heat,” the SMFD said.

The department said firefighters and yard staff eventually dug a pit and filled it with water to stop the vehicle from igniting and catching fire.

No injuries were reported. Credit: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District via Storyful

Video transcript

- It is a Tesla. It is a Tesla.