Firework Ladder Created 500m Into The Sky

‘Sky Ladder’ only lasted 80 seconds - but it was beautiful

If you add China and fireworks together, you know it’s going to be impressive.

After 21 years of dreaming, a Chinese artist and pyrotechnic fan has created a massive firework installation held up in the sky using a hot-air balloon.

Sadly this impressive display entitled ‘Sky Ladder’ only lasted 80 seconds.

Cai Guoqiang, from Quanzhou City of south-east China’s Fujian Province, put on display the art piece in his hometown.

The installation is a 500 metre-high structure made from wires laced with fireworks, which was hoisted into the sky by a large weather balloon.

Guoqiang’s first attempt at his "Sky Ladder" came in 1994, when he launched a similar balloon into the sky.
However, strong winds twice felled his balloon, causing him to ultimately suspend the project.

When Shanghai hosted the APEC summit in 2001, Guoqiang planned to launch the ‘Sky Ladder’ once more, but his plans fell through once more after the events of September 11 restricted access to the skies.

This week, Guoqiang dedicated the successful launch of his "Sky Ladder" fireworks to his grandmother, a very important individual in his life who recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

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