'First Dates' Fred Sirieix shares his dream meal

Fred's dream menu would include oysters and Krug champagne! (Getty)
Fred's dream menu would include oysters and Krug champagne! (Getty)

As someone who has spent his entire adult life working in restaurants, and with 14 years as General Manager of Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows, it’s safe to say that Fred Sirieix knows a thing or two about good food.

The First Dates star, who appeared on White Wine Question Time, shared his dream menu with host Kate Thornton, telling her his ideal meal would start with an iconic cocktail made by his fellow First Dates colleague.

“Merlin Griffiths, who's the bartender on First Dates, makes a really delicious Pornstar Martini,” he said.

“I love that cocktail – and he makes it so well. He makes it with vodka, passion fruit and on the side, you've got a nice glass of champagne or Prosecco, which is a little shot.

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“It's just lovely to have that balance between that kind of sweetish cocktail with the champagne. And the idea is that you just drink one after the other or together, or you can pour the champagne in the glass. It's beautiful!”

While most people would then move onto a starter, Fred, who is currently the ambassador for M&S wines, has other ideas, which includes a little more alcohol!

“Before we have a starter, we're going to go to my friend, Michele Caggianese,” he told Thornton.

“He runs one of the most private and exclusive club in the world is called Oswald. It's an amazing place. I have never seen anything like it. I would go there and have a glass of Krug.”

The Remarkable Places To Eat star said he doesn’t drink Krug everyday – not surprising really as prices start from £170 for a bottle, rising to £2,750 for a jeroboam of Krug Rosé. However, Sirieix equates the experience with being driven “in a nice car”.

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“When you drink a Krug, you know, that you're drinking the top champagne in the world,” he said. “And you know, if you drink it in a beautiful crystal glass, very light, very beautiful, it tastes even better, nice and fresh. This is bliss!”

Fred’s next course would be oysters. Often known as an aphrodisiac, Fred revealed his favourite person to eat this sexy mollusc with is actually his dad, Claude.

“I love to go when I'm on holiday with my dad and we'd go and have 12 oysters each with a glass of white wine,” he revealed. “We get the local white wine and we've got some beautiful oysters.”

His favourite way to eat oysters is with a touch of lemon as he loves to chew them, but his favourite accompaniment has to be bread and butter.

“I'm a purist – I like it really pure,” he explained to Thornton. “I love to have them with some nice, beautiful Beurre D'Isigny, which is a top quality, French butter. Salty butter with some bread - oh, la, la! I mean, it is just too much when you have that!”

Other incredible dishes on his must-have menu would include steak from Casa Julian, a restaurant in San Sebastian, sushi from Chez Black on the Amalfi Coast and of course cheese from a brasserie in Paris. However, his choice of dessert is from somewhere closer to home – his mum.

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“My mum makes a delicious mousse au chocolat, which is a chocolate mousse,” he said.

“This is the kind of mousse au chocolat that when you finish what's in your plate and the dish is finished, you go and finish off the dish!”

When podcast host Thornton said that menu sounded amazing but would “destroy your waistline”, Fred, a huge boxing fan, said he just makes up for it the day after.

“Do exercises in the morning to just get rid of all the extra calories,” he laughed. “That's what I do!”

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