First Dates Is Getting A New Twist

The ‘First Dates’ we’ve come to know and be obsessed with is getting a little makeover and a whole new element.

We might as well set up a proper camp on our living room sofa for the foreseeable future, just so we can watch this on repeat, all day, every day.

The sun will still be there when we stop watching, right?

The new twist to the Channel 4 dating show comes in the form of a hotel stay, which couples may or may not get to enjoy.

According to The Sun, the lucky singles will get to travel to the countryside in France for their blind dates as part of the new programmes, ‘First Dates Hotel’.

The newly-paired couples will then enjoy a date as normal, before sitting down for that slightly awkward moment when they’re asked if they’d like to see each other again.

Copyright [Channel 4]

If Cupid has done their job and both singletons say ‘yes’, they’ll get to enjoy the rest of their trip in a fancy boutique hotel room.

Ooh la la.

The paper reports that bosses have chosen to include the extra factor in the show to give viewers the opportunity to see what happens after the dates.

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