First Girder Placed on World's Largest Wildlife Crossing

The first girder was lowered into place on the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing near Agoura Hills, California, on Wednesday, April 17, the Save LA Cougars campaign said.

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will be “the largest of its kind in the world, a first in California, and a global model for urban wildlife conservation”, according to the campaign.

The crossing will need 82 girders installed to reach across ten lanes of the 101 Freeway.

When finished, the crossing will serve mountain lions and other wildlife hemmed in by the freeway’s path through their habitat.

“It means a better future for wildlife,” Beth Pratt, the regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation, told local media.

“We don’t want more mountain lions or wildlife to get hit by cars. But also, the mountain lions south of the 101 right here, they’re inbreeding themselves out of existence. So, this is going to ensure a future for them in that they’ll get dates outside their family,” she added. Credit: Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing via Storyful

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