Get a first look at Kit Harington's return to HBO in “Industry” season 3

Get a first look at Kit Harington's return to HBO in “Industry” season 3

Harington joins as the head of a green tech energy company.

Kit Harington is coming back home.

The Game of Thrones star is returning to the network that made him a star, joining HBO's Industry for its third season. HBO dropped a first look at Harington on the new season, which premieres at 9 p.m. on Sunday, August 11.

Harington portrays Henry Muck, the head of green tech energy company Lumi who becomes embroiled in the lives of Yasmin (Marisa Abela), Robert (Harry Lawtey), and Eric (Ken Leung), who find themselves at the center of Lumi's splashy IPO that is part of Pierpont's new gamble to focus on ethical investing.

<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Harry Lawtey and Kit Harington in 'Industry' season 3 on HBO

Simon Ridgway

Harry Lawtey and Kit Harington in 'Industry' season 3 on HBO

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"The idea of Eric and Yasmin in scenes — they've never said a word to each other in the show," said co-creator Konrad Kay at the conclusion of season 2. "What does that relationship look like? Or Eric and Kenny? One thing we learned was narrowing the focus and pushing people together helps the show. If we get a season 3, we'll be able to tell stories that intersect far more and have the characters in a tighter network."

Henry Muck will feature prominently in the story, which takes Industry all the way to the top of finance, media, and government. Yasmin, Robert, and Eric will fight for their status at Pierpoint in the wake of all of season 2's double crossing.

The season will also follow Harper (Myha’la) post her exit from Pierpont, as she seeks to get back into the thrill of finance and finds a partner in FutureDawn portfolio manager, Petra Koenig (Sarah Goldberg). At the end of season 2, Harper was fired from the investment bank when it was discovered that she lied about finishing college.

<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Kit Harington

Simon Ridgway

Kit Harington

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"Eric fed them that information," co-creator Mickey Down previously told EW. "He was the person in the conception of the show that was hiding this secret for her, and he's now turned the secret back on her."

Along with Harington and Goldberg, season 3 will also feature a host of new faces, including Miriam Petche as Sweetpea Golightly, Andrew Cavill as Lord Norton, Roger Barclay as Otto Mostyn, Fady Elsayed as Ali El Mansour, and Fiona Button as Denise Oldroyd.  

Check out more first-look images below.

<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Kit Harington and Marisa Abela

Simon Ridgway

Kit Harington and Marisa Abela
<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Myha’la and Sarah Goldberg

Simon Ridgway

Myha’la and Sarah Goldberg
<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Marisa Abela

Simon Ridgway

Marisa Abela
<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Myha’la

Simon Ridgway

<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Sagar Radia and Ken Leung

Simon Ridgway

Sagar Radia and Ken Leung
<p>Simon Ridgway</p> Myha’la, Harry Lawtey and Marisa Abela

Simon Ridgway

Myha’la, Harry Lawtey and Marisa Abela

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