The First Omen confirms streaming release date

The First Omen will be released via streaming in the US later this month.

A prequel to the classic supernatural horror The Omen, which came out back in 1976, this latest addition to the franchise centres on a woman sent to work at a church in Rome only to discover a hideous conspiracy at play: to instigate the birth of the Antichrist.

Collider confirmed The First Omen's Hulu release is on Thursday, May 30, with the Disney+ UK release date yet to be confirmed.

the first omen
Moris Puccio/20th Century Studios

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Meanwhile, two days prior to The First Omen's streaming debut, fans can dive deeper into the horrifying world thanks to the release of some behind-the-scenes extras.

There's an interview featurette known as 'The Mystery of Margaret', with director Arkasha Stevenson and stars Nell Tiger Free, Bill Nighy and Maria Caballero on hand to dissect the character's arc, while 'The Director's Vision' and 'Signs of The First Omen' offer plenty more insight.

Free recently caught up with Digital Spy for an exclusive chat about the movie, which was her first leading role on the big screen.

"When you do a feature, especially one of this nature, it's so contained because you have a certain amount of days to get this done, and you have to go on this whole trajectory pretty quick. You have to get comfortable and familiar with your character almost immediately," she said.

bill nighy, the first omen
20th Century Studios

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"With this film, I think the first scene we shot is the one in the hotel room with me and Ralph [Ineson], which is very near to the end. It was literally the first day, and so they throw you in right in the deep end, and you really need to know your stuff."

On accepting the part, Free went on to share: "I don't think there was any hesitation for me. I think it was something I was really excited about. It felt like such a big challenge.

"On the page, it didn't read as intense as it actually ended up being. It read really well, but it's impossible to actually really understand what you're going in to do until you're there, and doing it. I'm always up for doing some freaky, weird stuff."

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