First picture of murder victim killed in merciless attack by men he called friends

Andrej Minin -Credit:Lancashire Police
Andrej Minin -Credit:Lancashire Police

On November 5, 2023, Andrej Minin was set upon and killed in a cruel and brutal attack by two men he called friends at his home in Nelson.

Andrej was beaten to death by his housemates following a day of drinking at the house in Fir Street. The men spoke little English and as the killers stood trial, each was supported by an interpreter to help them understand the process.

Until now, no photo has been released of their victim, who stood no chance in the merciless attack. Laimonas Prascevicius, 54, and Rimantas Vystartas, 54, were found guilty of murder.


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The men claimed Andrej fell down the stairs, but blood marks on the floor showed he had been dragged to the foot of the stairs in the course of the attack.

No motive was ever given but Mr Justice Lavender said it was most likely caused by the alcohol the men had consumed.

Andrej suffered severe head injuries, cuts to his finger and a broken neck in the attack. When police arrived at 5:30pm, he was dead.

Prascevicius and Vystartas are now beginning life sentences and must serve a minimum of 19 years before they can apply for parole.

Mr Justice Lavender said: "This was a prolonged and brutal attack in his own home on a man who was both much smaller than you and outnumbered," the judge added. "He must have been on the floor for much of the time, unable to defend himself.

"Between you, you delivered repeated blows to his head. You undoubtedly inflicted mental and physical suffering on Mr Minin although it may be that he was rendered unconscious part way through."

DCI Tracey McMurdo, of Lancashire Constabulary's Force Major Investigation Team, said: "This was a brutal and cowardly attack committed against a vulnerable man in his own home.

"Rather than seek help for a man they once called a friend, Prascevicius and Vystartas instead sought to cover their tracks by moving his body."

Neither of the defendants showed any emotion as they were led to the cells to begin their life sentences.

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