The first reviews for Marvel's Cloak & Dagger are in

Rianne Houghton
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

From Digital Spy

Not long after Marvel's Cloak & Dagger unveiled its very moody trailer, the first reviews of the angsty series have started trickling in from South by Southwest Film Festival.

So, what did attendees think of Freeform's take on the slightly overwrought genre of brooding superhero drama? Very good things, actually.

Following a preview of Cloak & Dagger's pilot, it seems that the consensus is that of praise – particularly over the two "immensely good" leads in Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph.

Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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The AV Club's Alex McLeavy wrote: "The two young leads are immensely good. They'll be the reason [to] watch," while Joi Childs also singled out Holt and Joseph's "solid performances".

Meredith Borders for /Film praised the show's "powerful storytelling" and unique take on the YA superhero genre. "Cloak & Dagger feels new in every particular," she said.

"It feels exciting and significant. We're lucky to have it."