Fishermen 'Hardly Believe' It as False Killer Whales Snatch Catch

A sport fishing guide based in Fiji took to Instagram on March 27 after he watched in disbelief as a pack of false killer whales devoured a massive catch right off a client’s line.

The footage was recorded by Jaga Crossingham and shows the false killer whales circling around and closing in to take chunks out of a marlin on the fishing line.

“Can hardly believe what we witnessed today!!” Crossingham wrote on Instagram, where he described how the “140kg+” (310-pound) marlin was reduced to little more than its head by the false killer whales. Credit: Jaga Crossingham via Storyful

Video transcript


- Oh, another run.

- Yeah, we'll wind it up.

- It just won't give up.

- Got it, mate. Yeah.

- It's a whale, apparently.


- It is looking.

- Well, I guess I can get his snoot, can't I? His bill.


- His bill.

- Yeah, yeah, for sure. Look at that.

- Yeah.

- Check this out, man. Keep winding. Keep winding.

- All right, mate.

- Eli, come and grab this. Neutral. Let's pull it in.

- How's that, mate?

- Forward a little bit. Forward a little bit. Stop. Never seen anything like it. Look at that.