Fitness expert reveals why she never eats grated cheese after sharing ingredients list

She says it is best to grate your own cheese -Credit:Getty

A personal trainer has revealed the reason why she will never buy grated cheese - and it's all to do with its differing ingredients.

Fitness coach Danni Duncan has noted that people often opt for the grated or shredded version of cheese for convenience, but they actually shouldn't.

While shows like Eat Well for Less have noted that the grated version is pricier, Danni has said that her reason differs from cost-cutting, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Posting on TikTok under the handle @thefigure_, Danni told her followers that you get additives in the shredded or grated versions which stop it from sticking together. In the video that has since gone viral, the coach shows a mozzarella cheese as a block.

She runs through its ingredients that include pasteurised milk, starter cultures and non-animal rennet. She then turns to the shredded version and says: "I know some people go ‘I’m gonna get the grated one because it’s easier and it’s exactly the same. Incorrect."

In addition to the normal ingredients, Danni shows that there is an anti-caking agent (460) and a preservative (200). She added: "See this? Not the same, because when you grate it - have you ever grated your own cheese - it sticks together. They need to make something that doesn’t stick together and it lasts longer.

"Because once something’s not in its natural form anymore it's like fruit, once the skin's off it starts to go off and they need to put a preservative in it. So yes, grate your own cheese."

The 460 anti-caking agent is made of cellulose and the preservative 200 is sorbic acid, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Followers of the Australian personal trainer were shocked at this news with many agreeing with her response. One said: "Absolutely. All grated cheese has Anti-caking ingredients. Doesn’t affect the taste but does affect consistency."

Another wrote: "Always grate mine.. it cooks better, cheaper and tastes better." and Natashia added: "Mind blown! Thank you for this."

Followers of the Australian fitness coach were stunned at the news -Credit:Getty

A third added: "OMG who would have known?"

A fourth noted: "That’s why I haven’t bought grated cheese in a decade." Infected backed her saying: "Can confirm. Have worked for BEGA cheese in their shred department and have been part of every process from start to finish. Grate it as you need it."

One said: "I always thought it was flour but I just googled it. It may cause increased stool production, gas and bloating. Other side effects include depression, forgetfulness, lack of energy, and headaches."

A sixth added: "Thank you.. good to know."

However, one did say: "Ok but I can't shovel a handful of it into my mouth at 3am when I need a lil snacky snack."

Others weren't as convinced as the above commenters, as one said: "Hmmm... sit there for 10-20 minutes grating every time I want nachos, or buy pre-grated, and a little plant fibre. I think I will stick to pre-grated."

Another wrote: "Just googled and they're completely fine to consume? what's the issue?"

Danni responded to these critics by saying: "Additives and preservatives are detrimental to our health. So the grated isn’t as good for us. I get amazed that I’m trying to get people to eat better and there’s still people fighting it."

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