Five found dead in US home, including two children, police say

Five people - including two children - have been found dead at a house in the US state of Oklahoma, police have said.

All five appear to have been murdered, according to police sergeant Gary Knight.

"This wasn't a carbon monoxide situation, or anything like that - these are five people who were killed," he added.

Mr Knight said a man and a woman were among those found dead at the home in the southwest side of Oklahoma City.

Mustang Public Schools superintendent Charles Bradley said two other victims were current students - one in sixth grade, the other in ninth - while the fifth victim was a recent graduate of the school system.

He wrote an email to families on Monday, saying the school community was "shocked, and our hearts are broken, this tragedy simply defies understanding".

According to a report in local newspaper The Oklahoman, police said a 10-year-old had found the bodies.

The incident is being investigated as a shooting, after a gun was found on top of a man's body, they added.