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Theresa May

The Prime Minister has staked her reputation and grip on power on securing a transitional deal that buys British business more time to adjust to what the former Remainer now sees as the brave new world of Brexit.

May managed to get agreement on draft terms for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, as well as a transition period lasting until the end of 2020.

However, she’s determined to move forward with the process. She said: ‘With a year to go, people are coming back together and looking forward.
‘They want us to get on with it – and that is what we are going to do.’

Who are the five key players at the heart of Brexit with one year to go?

With a year to go before the UK leaves the European Union, five people are dominating the Brexit process.

And while many did not anticipate smooth-sailing, it’s fair to say the process has been more than rocky.

Without a parliamentary majority since the June election, Theresa May is struggling to keep both sides of the Conservative party happy. 

But it’s not only within the UK that relationships are struggling: EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit secretary David Davis have made no secret of their differences over the last few months of negotiations.

These are the people steering the wheel as Britain moves forward to leave the EU at 11pm on 29 March next year.