Five local law enforcement officers honored

May 8—MOSES LAKE — Four Moses Lake Police officers received the Washington State Law Enforcement Medal of Honor Friday, according to an announcement from the MLPD. A Grant County Sheriff's deputy was also honored, the GCSO announced.

MLPD Detectives Edgar Salazar and Curt Ledeboer, Corporal Omar Ramirez and Sergeant Kyle McCain, along with GCSO Deputy Korey Judkins received the award at the state Capitol in recognition of their actions during the fatal shooting at the Gorge Campground last June, according to the MLPD and GCSO.

The five officers tracked the shooter for more than 40 minutes, according to the GCSO. During that period, the suspect, a concertgoer who had brought a handgun into the campground during the Beyond Wonderful festival, is alleged to have killed concertgoers Brandy Escamilla and Josilyn Ruiz. August Morningstar and security officer Lori Williams were also injured. Now former girlfriend Lily Luksich was also injured before Salazar shot and disabled the alleged shooter, later identified as 26-year-old James Kelly.

Despite having limited information, equipment and communications, these officers rushed to the area. With no body armor, cover or concealment, the officers crossed about 150 yards of open ground to confront the shooter and end the situation, the MLPD wrote.

"The actions of the five law enforcement officers without question saved more lives, and embody the highest traditions of law enforcement of serving the community, safeguarding lives and property, protecting the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder," the GCSO wrote in the announcement.