Five McLaren drivers pulled over for speeding at 100mph on experience day

Mclarens stopped on the A303
The cars were pulled over at a service station

Five McLaren enthusiasts face being banned from the roads after they were caught driving at more than 100mph during a supercar “experience”.

The drivers were travelling from John O’Groats, one of the UK’s northernmost villages, when they were pulled over by police on the A303 in Wiltshire on Monday.

Traffic officers said the “pack” of luxury sports cars had treated the trunk road like a “race track” after driving at high speeds in “close proximity” to each other and other motorists.

A photograph shared on social media shows four McLarens, with claims they include the 650S and 720s models, pulled over at a service station. A fifth McLaren was parked behind a police BMW.

All the drivers were given traffic offence reports, which are issued by some forces to precede a court summons or fixed penalty notice or to send people on driver education courses.

Wiltshire Police confirmed the McLarens were being driven as part of a “driving experience”. The cars are understood to have been hired as part of the day.

Wilts Specialist Ops tweeted:

A force spokesman added: “Roads Policing Officers stopped five McLarens on the A303 yesterday due to the speed at which they were driving.

“The drivers had been travelling from John O’Groats as a McLaren owners club/experience day. Traffic offence reports were issued to all five drivers.”

The McLaren Owners Club UK told The Telegraph it had no association or involvement in the matter.