Five reasons why Donald Trump’s most fanatical supporters are turning on him

Some of Donald Trump’s most fanatical supporters are turning on him – but perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect.

Trump’s fans don’t care much about the investigation into alleged links between his campaign and Russia – and many actually cheered his firing of FBI head James Comey.

But for many of his most hardcore devotees, his embrace of political moderation is nothing less than a betrayal, with campaign promises on China and Syria a particular sore point.

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Trump enthusiasts, in particular the so-called ‘alt right’ activists who championed his campaign, expected a revolution.

Some are increasingly angry that he is not delivering it.

These are the reasons people are turning on him.

The ‘alt-right’ were horrified when he launched an attack on Syria

When Donald Trump launched a missile strike against an air base in Syria it surprised many – given that Trump had previously berated Barack Obama for getting involved in the country.

But for many of his ‘alt-right’ supporters, it was a betrayal: Hillary Clinton was the warlike candidate, and Trump was an alternative who promised not to involve America in foreign conflicts.

Workers feel betrayed that he is now friendly with China

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly condemned American firms that outsourced jobs to China – and said that the country was guilty of ‘rape’ against the US economy.

In Trump’s Contract With The American Voter – a document unveiled during his Presidential bid – he specifically promised that on Day One of his presidency, he would label China a currency manipulator.

But after a meeting with President Xi Jinping, he Tweeted: ‘Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem?

Trump said of his meeting: ‘we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen.’

In response, the United Steelworkers union – with 860,000 members – said that Trump was ‘following the same path that led to millions of lost jobs.’

Conservative Christians feel that they have been lied to

Before he was elected, Donald Trump drummed up support from Conservative Christians with promises on religion and free speech.

But when he finally delivered the Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty, many were bitterly disappointed.

In contrast to a leaked draft of the document, it no longer included protections for Christians who objected to same-sex marriage, abortion and trans identity.

In fact, it was so watered down that the American Civil Liberties Union – who might be expected to oppose such an order – described it as ‘elaborate photo op with no discernible policy outcome.’

His most radical supporters hate ‘Trumpcare’

On the campaign trail, Mr Trump promised at one point that Democratic health care legislation – known as Obamacare – would be repealed on Day One of his term.

A first attempt failed 64 days into his Presidency – but it narrowly cleared the Senate on May 5, with Trump saying ‘ very importantly it’s a great plan’.

But – oddly – many of Trump’s hard-right supporters actually favour distinctly left-wing approaches to healthcare – and point out that working-class Trump supporters will be hit hard by ‘Trumpcare’.

White nationalist Richard Spencer says: ‘Trumpcare will increase costs on Trump’s core constituency of White working-class voters, as even Breitbart points out

Spencer described it as ‘exactly the kind of Conservatism, Inc. idiocy we’ve seen year in, year out.’

The hard right are terrified that Steve Bannon is not at the helm

Many hardcore Trump supporters fear ‘their’ candidate is being subverted by a ‘deep state’ – the political establishment – causing him to dilute his promises.

Hard-right activists have been concerned by the apparent marginalisation of Steve Bannon – an adviser who formerly headed right-wing outlet Breitbart.

Observers have suggested that Bannon is no longer as influential after he was demoted from the National Security council by Trump

One cartoon by right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison showed Bannon as a lone figure pulling Donald Trump towards his supporters – while sinister figures including the ‘deep state’ pulled in the other direction.