I flew on the world's best business class that can cost over $8,500 for a round trip. Here's what it was like.

I flew on the world's best business class that can cost over $8,500 for a round trip. Here's what it was like.
  • I used points from credit-card bonuses to pay for an $8,605 business-class flight on Qatar Airways.

  • My private pod had a seat that turned into a flatbed and a sliding door for privacy.

  • I ate delicious plane food including chicken machboos, Arabic mezze, and buttermilk panna cotta.

Qatar Airways has won the best business-class title for years — so I was excited to finally fly it when I traveled to Spain last year.

But since I didn't have the budget for an $8,605 round-trip flight, I carefully paid with points from credit card sign-up bonuses.

I spent 202,500 miles plus $450 in taxes for the round trip from Los Angeles to Barcelona. Award flights using points can be challenging to book, so I hired a professional through PointsPro, which was another $300.

My trip to Spain took a total of 22 hours because I flew past Barcelona for a nine-hour layover in Doha before heading to my original destination. If I had flown directly to Barcelona, the flight would have been closer to 14 hours.

But it was all worth it — I enjoyed my Qatar Airways flight even more than my first trip to Spain.

Boarding the plane was seamless — and I got a few gifts for being in business class

Checking in at the airport was easy because business-class passengers have a separate line with no wait. Usually, I would have access to the business-class lounge before the flight, but it was closed due to COVID-19.

Boarding was also effortless as I was one of the first guests on the plane.

TV, pillow, amenities on airplane
I was impressed by the luxury amenity kit.Kaila Yu

I had been looking forward to Qatar Airway's business class because of the Qsuite, which comes with a bed and a flight attendant on call. There was also a sliding door, so I felt safe in my private pod.

The airline also offers a double bed, ideal for couples who want to sleep side-by-side.

After boarding, I ordered a tart non-alcoholic lemon and mint beverage.

I also received an amenity kit, created by the luxury brand Bric's. The kit included a facial mist, an anti-aging moisturizer, a lip balm from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, earplugs, an eye mask, and socks.

I was given comfy pajamas that I got to keep.

Pajamas in bag
I was able to keep the pajamas I received.Kaila Yu

It felt great to change from my street clothes into pajamas, socks, and slippers.

The food felt gourmet

Qatar Airways menu
Qatar Airway's menu had lots of options.Kaila Yu

I got dinner shortly after takeoff through the on-demand menu, which you can order from at any time.

Mezze with hummus, moutabel, and tabouleh
I ordered traditional Arabic food during my flight.Kaila Yu

I wanted to try traditional cuisine, so I ordered the Arabic mezze with hummus, moutabel, and tabouleh for my appetizer, which was delicious.

I ordered the Chicken machboos with fried onions, cashews, and mint raita for my main.

Chicken machboos on plate
I ordered the chicken machboos for dinner.Kaila Yu

I enjoyed the tangy buttermilk panna cotta with passion fruit for dessert.

Panna cotta and raspberry
I ate panna cotta for dessert.Kaila Yu

The turn-down service felt luxurious

Another major perk of my flight was the seat, which turned into a flatbed with the push of a button.

Bed on airplane next to window
My seat turned into a flatbed.Kaila Yu

After dinner, I ordered the turn-down service and stepped out of my pod so that my flight attendant could make my bed, adding a pillow, mattress, and plush blanket.

Once I took a nap, I enjoyed an afternoon tea snack and watched TV.

I loved my experience so much that I didn't want to get off the plane

Breakfast on airplane
I ate a full breakfast before the plane landed in Barcelona.Kaila Yu

Before the flight ended, I received a multi-course breakfast and Godiva chocolates.

I was sad to deplane because it had felt like I was on a private flight. Though the business-class cabin was about 60% full, other passengers onboard were enclosed in their own pods and I hardly saw them.

Godiva chocolates and box
I received Godiva chocolates before I got off the plane.Kaila Yu

I also appreciated never having to wait in line for the bathroom, which is a huge pet peeve of mine in economy class.

I'm already looking forward to flying with Qatar Airways again.

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