Flight attendant shares little-known reason why staff greet every passenger on a plane

flight attendant on plane
Flight attendants have the responsibility to keep everyone safe onboard -Credit:Getty Images/Hero Images

If you've got a summer holiday booked this year, chances are you'll have to spend a few hours on an airplane in order to get there.

And when it comes to staying safe in the skies, cabin crew members are always there to help, reassure and assist passengers during what can sometimes be a scary experience for some flyers.

Because there is such a huge responsibility that falls on flight attendants, they must have their wits about them in order to keep an eye out for any trouble that may arise - and this can happen on any flight. On the other hand, they also make everyone feel welcome whilst boarding, giving each passenger a friendly greeting as they step on the plane.

One flight attendant on social media recently shared that there's actually a little-known reason why each passenger is greeted - and it's not just to say hello.

A video was created on TikTok by Miva, a cabin crew member based in Germany. She often shares handy tips about flying from a flight attendant's perspective, and has racked up and impressive 29.6k followers for doing so.

She recently posted a short clip revealing the real reason why flight attendants greet each and every passenger when they board the aircraft, and politeness is only part of it.

As Miva is shown standing at an aircraft door, captions across the screen read: "Did you know that your flight attendant greets you not only out of politeness, but also to check whether you are too drunk/sick to fly?"

Being stuck on a plane with people who have drank too much can be a real nightmare scenario, and it can create a lot of tension and potential danger which is difficult to solve when you are thousands of feet up in the air.

This is why cabin crew members supposedly try to check out everyone as they board, to see if they are in a fit state to be flying.

Each airline has different rules surrounding behaviour on planes, so the rules really depend who you're flying with. For example, Ryanair's guidance states that staff will take action if you're behaving dangerously or prevent the crew from carrying out their duties, which may involve preventing you from flying.

And when it comes to flying when you're unwell, this also depends on the severity of your illness - but be aware that some airlines may prevent you from boarding if they believe you're not in a fit state.

In the TikTok's comments, people suggested alternative reasons why cabin crew may keep an extra eye on passengers as they board their flights.

One person said: "They also do it to see which people can help during like specific emergency, like a doctor will be needed if their is a birth on flight or something."

"And looking for suspicious behavior!!" added another.

And a third joked: "Ive had way too many disruptively drunk seat mates to believe this."

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