Flight Attendants Host 'Toilet Paper Race' With Passengers

Passengers flying to North Carolina to Colorado took part in a “toilet paper race” on July 20 to pass the time during the four-hour flight.

Southwest Airlines flight attendants on the Raleigh to Denver flight divided the passengers into two teams, with the objective of passing a toilet paper roll down the length of the cabin. The winning side reportedly got to deplane first, according to WFAA.

A video of the race was posted by Arizona woman Marcie Villarreal, who wrote: “I’ve been flying different airlines my whole life, and just when I think I’ve seen it all, your flight attendants decide to do a ‘toilet paper race. Hands down the funnest flight ever and I was even traveling with my baby. You rock, Southwest! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

The airlines shared her post, writing: “Good speed. Great form. These Passengers may have a future in professional toilet paper roll racing.” Credit: Facebook/Marcie Villarreal via Storyful