Flip Out 'bans' mum in row over 'double-bouncing' son, 5

Inside a Flip Out venue -Credit:Aldershot News and Mail
Inside a Flip Out venue -Credit:Aldershot News and Mail

Leisure attraction Flip Out has launched an investigation after a mum was 'banned' from one of its centres in a 'double-bouncing' dispute. Esther Beckett is demanding a refund for her £135 two-hour session after being asked to leave the Flip Out Stoke trampoline park, in Stone, just 10 minutes into her booking.

The 34-year-old says she was bouncing her autistic and non-verbal five-year-old son because he cannot bounce himself when she says she was interrupted by a staff member. Flip Out requires all entrants to sign a set of rules - including 'no double-bouncing'.

But Esther says she had done this before at dedicated toddler and SEN sessions on previous visits without any problems.

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Esther, from Endon, said: “My son won’t bounce. He just sits on his bum and I have to bounce him. If I don’t he self-harms. When he gets frustrated he hurts himself by biting the back of his hand. He’s got scar tissue.

“I started to bounce him and a staff member asked me not to bounce him. I explained to them that he’s autistic and the staff member walked off.

“They came back and said I needed to get off. I explained again the same situation and said it had not been an issue before. I felt really targeted. I got off the trampoline and tried to round up the kids. The worker said I was banned. My daughter was in floods of tears.”

Flip Out -Credit:James Maloney/Liverpool Echo
Flip Out -Credit:James Maloney/Liverpool Echo

Esther has attempted to lodge a formal complaint with Flip Out.

She added: “I wasn’t hurting anybody, my son was really content, he doesn’t bounce and he never got up once to bounce himself. If it was against the rules completely then they should have asked me to use the soft play instead or advised what other sessions to go to. But I was jumped on by the staff member straight away.

“My child isn’t like other children, he doesn’t have emotional abilities or cognitive abilities. I would love to take all my children out together and not be targeted or judged.”

Flip Out Stoke is aware of Esther's complaint.

A centre spokesman said: “We are looking into Esther Beckett’s complaint and speaking to staff who were working during the time of her visit with her family. Customer safety and client satisfaction is paramount to us at Flip Out Stoke and we take all complaints seriously and ensure that they are all thoroughly investigated.”

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