Flooding work planned for desperate local community after months of chaos

The blockage on the underground culvert between Church car park and open section to the river will be cleared
The blockage on the underground culvert between Church car park and open section to the river will be cleared -Credit:@greennuneaton

Works to help relieve flooding around a church and some homes in a part of Nuneaton will take place. It is no secret that parts of Weddington suffer from flooding issues.

This includes St James Church which was left marooned for the fourth time in a month earlier this year. It led to angry calls from locals to fix the 'constant' flooding in the area.

It has been revealed that Warwickshire County Council has agreed to clear a blockage on an underground culvert between the church car park and the open section to the River Anker. It is hoped that this will help solve the issues suffered by the church and those who live nearby.

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Nuneaton's MP Marcus Jones, who said he has held meetings with Warwickshire County Council, Severn Trent and other agencies about the issue, said he is happy that a solution to the issue has been found. "I am very pleased that whilst the culvert at this point is riparian, and as such the homeowners' responsibility, Warwickshire County Council have agreed to approach their contractor for a price to do this work, with a view of the county council undertaking the work on the homeowners behalf," the town's voice in Parliament said.

"I am grateful for this solution and pleased we have achieved this solution for local residents. I will continue to monitor this issue closely."

Wider work still needed

However, the wider flooding issues in the area have still to be resolved according to Weddington ward councillor Keith Kondakor. While he has welcomed the works by the church, he said that more needs to be done to resolve flooding, including issues with sewage, in the wider area, especially by the new housing estates.

He said that these 'major problems' will not be rectified until foul sewers have been upgraded by Severn Trent. The Green Party councillor said that the firm also needs to make the long-awaited changes to increase capacity at the Weddington pumping station.

Severn Trent has previously said that it plans to splash out £5m on flood improvements across Nuneaton, including at Weddington - but these works will not start until at least 2025.

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