Florida Diver Spots Remoras Clinging to Whale Shark as Manta Ray Swims Nearby

Diver Alex Fogg captured footage of a whale shark covered in remoras swimming near a manta ray about eight miles offshore from Destin, Florida, posting a video of the event to YouTube on October 25.

Fogg wrote in the video caption that what started as “a normal day of diving” changed into “a day that won’t soon be forgotten,” when he caught sight of the whale shark.

He told Storyful he was diving close to the sunken Liberty Ship Thomas Heyward, which is now an artificial reef.

He said he encountered, “a couple [of] whale sharks and a manta ray, together.”

The video shows a whale shark gliding in the water as a manta ray swims above it. As the video continues Fogg swims above a whale shark and the artificial reef can be seen below. Credit: Alex Fogg via Storyful