Florida Mom of 2 Sues After Allegedly Being Banned from Sons' School Because of OnlyFans Account

A woman is suing a Florida school district after she claims she was banned from activities at her sons' school when her OnlyFans page was discovered.

In 2021, mom Victoria Triece claimed that a parent at her children's elementary school alerted staff to her NSFW OnlyFans account, where she shared intimate pictures of herself that were only accessible with a paid subscription.

She said soon after the administrators were alerted to the content, she was not allowed to volunteer at school activities. However, she had regularly helped organize events up until that point.

Now, Triece is suing Orange County Public Schools to make sure other parents do not experience the same treatment, according to WKMG.

"The main reason I'm doing this is not for myself," Triece said during a Jan. 25 press conference, according to the outlet. "I can only imagine who's been through this and couldn't fight it and they've been told we don't know how to fight this and how many people are to come that do the same exact thing I do."

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"And they're going to be told one day they're going to have somebody that just doesn't agree morally with what they're doing," she added. "And they're going to have somebody do the same situation and I don't think any mom, any dad, anybody in the position that I'm in should be going through that."

PEOPLE contacted Orange County Public Schools for comment on Wednesday. When previously reached by PEOPLE, a school district representative said they did not "comment on potential, pending or ongoing litigation."

Attorney Mark NeJame is representing Triece along with attorney John Zielinski.

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"It's kind of like having a scarlet letter on her head," NeJame claimed in the lawsuit, as noted by the Orlando Sentinel.

"What she does in her off time is not illegal, yet we have a morality police with the Orange County school board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision," he continued.

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NeJame did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. Per the Sentinel, he claimed the only factor that disqualifies school volunteers is a criminal record, which Triece's legal team said she does not have.

The Washington Post said Triece's sons are 11 and 7 years old.

"The most exciting part of being a mom was to be so involved in their lives," Triece told the outlet. "That was all I wanted for my kids."