Fly Me to the Moo: Injured Cow Airlifted to Safety in Switzerland

A Swiss cow with a broken leg was airlifted by a helicopter crew from Air-Glaciers on May 26, with the company saying “Cows also sometimes need us” in a social media post.

Footage by Laurent Crettenand, a flight assistant with Air-Glaciers, shows the two-year-old cow, named Goddess, being raised in a harness.

Crettenand said the rescue took place near the village of Evolene, in the canton of Valais.

“Goddess had a broken leg and couldn’t move,” Crettenand told Storyful. “Our Swiss cows are the only ones in the world to fight each other so I think this is what happened,” he added. Credit: Air Glaciers/Laurent Crettenand via Storyful

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