Flying experts reveals which seats to avoid when booking a flight

Flying experts reveals which seats to avoid when booking a flight

The least desirable seats on a plane have been revealed by cabin crew and the beloved window seat could be landing travellers with lengthy wait times.

Flight attendants from leading airlines partnered with luxury guide platform Velloy to reveal 10 savvy travel hacks for comfort inside the cabin, including the seats to swerve.

The middle row, particularly window seats 11A and 11F, were identified as the worst spots for travellers.

Often these are the last seats to deplane and receive meal service during a flight.

A member of Tui’s cabin crew, Tara, said: “If you are heading on a short-haul flight, you’re likely to fall short on food by sitting in the middle of the plane too. If you are planning on getting any form of drink or snack from the bar on board a short-mid haul flight, then sitting towards the front or toward the back is 100% the way to go.”

In fact, you could miss out on your favourite in-flight snacks completely by choosing row 11.

Tara added: “If you sit in the middle, especially on your way home, we are much more likely to have sold out of whatever it is you want because we always start at the front and back and work towards the middle.”

If you do fall victim to the middle row, a Virgin Atlantic employee suggests bringing a “sealed, just add water, instant meal” such as a Pot Noodle in your hand luggage for an assured and wallet-friendly meal while flying.

Other top tips from flight attendants include how to secure a coveted upgrade by travelling at off-peak times and asking early at the check-in desk.

According to a flight attendant for British Airways: “Ultimately if you don’t ask you don’t get.

“Us flight attendants have no control. The people checking you in are the ones who can see the space’s availability and have all the control. Even if there’s not a free upgrade they may be able to get you a discounted rate.”