Food storage hack keeps lettuce 'crisp' and 'fresh' for one month longer

You can make lettuce leaves last one month longer with this hack -Credit:Getty

Leafy greens such as lettuce are infamous for their short shelf life, often turning soggy and brown mere days after purchase.

This premature spoilage takes place because of lettuces high water content, leading to bacteria being attracted to its moisture-laden surface, resulting in decay.

However, a long-lasting solution to ensure the freshness of lettuce has been provided by cookbook author Carleigh Bodrug. She shared a food storage trick on Brightly regarding the prolonged freshness of green leaves, reports the Express.

In her online video, Carleigh stated: "Here's how to keep lettuce fresh for up to one month."

What you need is simple a clean kitchen tea towel, paper towels, scissors, a knife, and a glass container. Read on below to find out more.

How to extend lettuces freshness over a month

One person who tried this hack said that it really works to keep leafy veggies fresh -Credit:Getty

First, dice the lettuce into smaller portions. The most effective manner to cut lettuce involves employing the scissor trick; simply secure the lettuce using a pair of scissors at the center, then smoothly slice up the leaves with a knife.

Following this, rinse the lettuce bits under water and allow them to thoroughly dry using a tea towel. Ensure the lettuce parts are entirely moisture-free, or else the preservation method will fail to work.

Carleigh advised: "Give your lettuce a good wash and then get out as much moisture as possible. I like to use a salad spinner."

Consider moving the fresh and dried lettuce pieces to a glass container, adding either a fresh, dry tea towel or paper towel on top.

Carleigh suggests that this approach, using a towel to absorb any extra moisture and the glass container shielding against bacteria, can keep your lettuce crisp for up to an additional month.

Position the glass container in your fridge and periodically replace the tea or paper towel inside.

According to Carleigh: "Make sure to change this out every other day. Lastly, store your lettuce in the fridge!

"Your lettuce should be crisp and odourless. Make sure to watch for signs of spoilage like slime or smell."

Many applauded this clever food preserving technique in the comments while offering their own lettuce-keeping tips.

One individual contributed: "Wrap in paper towels and then wrap in aluminium foil. Will stay crunchy for a month also. I found this out on accident!"

Another commenter advised: "Never cut your lettuce with a metal knife it turns brown easily."

Yet another shared: "I've been doing this with greens, veggies and fruits for a while. It works!"

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