'Only Fools and Horses' returns as a West End Musical starring Paul Whitehouse

Laura Hannam
Only Fools and Horses is making a comeback as a musical.

Legendary British comedy series Only Fools and Horses is back – but likely not how you’d expect. The iconic series will return in February in 2019 as a West End musical.

The musical was being developed by Only Fools and Horses writer and creator John Sullivan up until his death in 2011 and has been completed by Paul Whitehouse – who will also star as Grandad in the production – and Jim Sullivan, John Sullivan’s son.

Whitehouse told the Daily Mirror that the musical will stay true to the show’s authenticity while still mixing in some contemporary societal issues.

“This was the last project that John Sullivan was working on when he died – he was just starting to develop Only Fools as a musical – so when writing it, Jim [Jim Sullivan] and I have remained very faithful to the feel and scripts of the TV series, but also highlight some contemporary issues. So it is not just a trip down memory lane.

The original cast of Only Fools and Horses (PA Images).

“We’re very conscious of the Only Fools legacy and that it’s so fondly remembered by people of almost all ages, so we’ve tried to incorporate everyone’s favourite moments from the TV shows and of course, all the great characters – but this time it’s with songs,” Whitehouse said.

The musical will also star Tom Bennett as Del Boy and Ryan Hutton as Rodney. Featuring 20 original new songs, Only Fools and Horses will debut at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket on February 9. Tickets are on sale now.

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