Footage emerges of leopard mauling

Adam Parris-Long

Shocking footage of a fleeing Indian leopard has emerged after it mauled six villagers in Prakash Nagar, West Bengal.

A pursuit ensued as the leopard tried to escape the village as wildlife officers attempted to tranquillise the animal. The video shows an officer being caught out by the leopard which leaped up and attacked a man before retreating from gunfire.

Attempts were made to scare the leopard from the village, which hosts 3,000 residents, but it was eventually shot by a police officer in attendance. It was then tied and taken to a veterinary clinic where it later died from injuries sustained.

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A strikingly similar incident occurred earlier this year as a leopard strayed into the north Indian city of Karad, sparking an eight-hour standoff. After a series of attacks the leopard was killed at close-range by police who had been called to the area.