New Footage of Papua New Guinea's Kadovar Volcano Erupting

Authorities in Papua New Guinea launched an operation on Sunday, January 14, to evacuate several thousand people from two islands due to eruptions and warning signs from the Kadovar and Biem volcanoes.

East Sepik Province Governor Allan Bird said in a statement shared to Facebook that 3,000 people would be evacuated from Biem Island due to volcanic activity from the island’s volcano, then 1,500 residents of Blup Blup Island would be evacuated over fears of new eruptions from the Kadovar volcano on neighboring Kadovar Island. Residents of Kadovar Island were evacuated to Blup Blup earlier this month after the island’s dormant volcano burst to life.

The evacuees will be transported to the north coast of Papua New Guinea’s mainland around 15 miles away.

Photos and videos from Brandon Buser show volcanic activity from the Kadovar volcano on January 8. Credit: Facebook/Brandon Buser via Storyful