New footage shows moment missing monkey was recaptured by Scots wildlife park

New footage has emerged of the rescue effort of the monkey who escaped from a Scots wildlife park.

The Japanese macaque was on the run from the Scottish Highlands Wildlife Centre in Kincraig for four days earlier this year, as tensions flared among the 36 primates in his troop during breeding season.

The monkey, Honshu, was eventually captured in Aviemore, after concerned locals reported seeing him in their gardens. Rangers from the park arrived to tranquilise and sedate the monkey, bringing an end to the saga.

Now This Morning star Dr Scott Miller, who took part in the search, has released now footage of his time spent in the Highlands.

The search drew worldwide attention, with Honshu becoming an internet sensation, as he was spotted roaming around local villages and forests in the Cairngorms before being caught. High-tech equipment, including drones and heat seating binoculars, were utilised but Honshu proved to be an elusive character.

Despite the drones picking him up fairly easily it was usually in dense forestry and staff could not catch up with him. Dr Scott's footage shows Honshu sauntering through the thick foliage, seemingly healthy and unharmed.

The monkey is placed into a net after he was sedated.
The monkey is placed into a net after he was sedated. -Credit:Rescue Vet

The video shows the vet joining staff from the park as they ventured out into the wild and used various methods to try and entice the animal to come their way. Dr Scott is shown footage of the dramatic final moments before the monkey is captured and brought home.

He can be seen eating from a bird feeder and then again lying unconscious in the garden as staff wrap a net around him and get ready to take him home to the park.

The video ends as the staff exactly how they captured Honshu and their plans for his recovery and reintroduction back in the wildlife park.

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