Footage shows moment old grenade was destroyed in 'controlled explosion' after police flooded street

Controlled explosion at Chesham Road, Bury
Controlled explosion at Chesham Road in Bury -Credit:UGC

An old grenade that was found at a property under renovation has been destroyed after it sparked a huge police response. Video footage taken by a neighbour captured the moment that the bomb squad took the device into a nearby field in Bury and blew it up.

It comes after police were called to reports of a 'suspicious item' found at an address in Chesham Road at around 2.40pm on Friday (May 10). The Manchester Evening News understands an old grenade was found at a property that was under renovation.

Emergency services swarmed the residential estate and a large cordon was put in place, closing Chesham Road at the junction with Walmersley Road. Several police and fire service vehicles attended the incident with four ambulances also spotted at the scene.

RECAP: Bomb squad destroy 'old grenade' which sparked huge emergency response

A 'loud bang' was heard shortly after 7pm. Police later confirmed that a 'precautionary controlled explosion' had been conducted. The footage captured below shows the moment the explosion happened.

Speaking to the M.E.N., local resident Courtney Kenny, 20, said the whole incident was 'a bit surreal'. She said: "There's been a property under renovation for a while. I don't know if it's a gardener or a builder but something has been found in that house.

"They've found something suspicious and they rang the police and the bomb squad came. We were told it was a hand grenade.

"It's just a bit surreal. How is this happening in Bury?

"It's made all the kids all excited to see it happening. How often do you see that?

"How long has it been there though? I'm just glad they've found it and I'm just glad it didn't go off in the house."

In an update shortly after 7.20pm, a GMP spokesperson said: "Following earlier reports of a suspicious item, EOD have conducted a precautionary controlled explosion in Chesham Road. Officers are in the process of leaving the scene."