Footage shows police wrestle innocent man to the ground leaving him with broken ribs

Will Metcalfe

This is the shocking moment an innocent man was left with broken ribs after being arrested.

Geoff Boyson, 40, suffered suspected broken ribs and cuts to the head after being arrested by Northamptonshire Police for a crime he was later cleared of in court.

The incident happened when the father-of-one attempted to mediate between bailiffs and the owners of a convenience store.

But the bailiffs accused him of interfering with their duties and called the police, who arrived and arrested him.

Geoff Boyson’s claims he was ‘kneed’ and ‘punched’ by police as they arrested him in Northamptonshire are being investigated by the Northamptonshire Police Professional Standards Department. (SWNS)

Mr Boyson was charged with assaulting a police officer but was found not guilty after a trial at Wellingborough Magistrates Court, in Northamptonshire, in January.The case is now being investigated by the Northamptonshire Police Professional Standards Department (IOPC).

Mr Boyson, dad to six-year-old Jack, claims A&E doctors at Northampton General Infirmary told him he had suspected broken ribs, but was not given an x-ray.

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Mr Boyson said he was left with broken ribs and a number of minor injuries. (SWNS)
Mr Boyson says he was attempting to act as an intermediary between Indian shop owners and bailiffs. (SWNS)

He says he also suffered cuts and bruises to the head, hands and face during the arrest.

Mr Boyson was found not guilty of one charge of assaulting a police officer at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court on January 22 this year.

He lodged a complaint shortly after he was arrested.

Northamptonshire Police said Mr Boyson had lodged a complaint five days after the footage was captured but an internal investigation could not take place until court proceedings had concluded.

A spokesperson said: “Now these proceedings are complete, the complaint will be investigated fully by the force’s Professional Standards Department, in line with the College of Policing’s Code of Ethics and relevant statutory guidance.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while a complaint investigation is ongoing.”