College Football Fans Build Towering Cup Stack After Tech Outage Sees Free Drinks Handed Out

Fans of American college football celebrated when free food and drinks were handed out during the Nebraska-Northwestern game at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, on August 27, after technical issues prevented vendors from processing credit cards.

Aviva Stadium issued a press release on Sunday, explaining that they were unable to process credit card transactions due to technical problems experienced by their provider, SumUp.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the free drinks brought hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fans into the concession stands during the game.

Video taken by Sean Dunne shows the crowd cheering on a man, sat atop another fan’s shoulders, as he lifted a giant stack of empty cups to connect with another stack on the second tier.

“This is what happens when there’s free drink at Aviva Stadium,” Dunne wrote in his Twitter post.

The Northwestern Wildcats beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 31 to 28. Credit: Sean Dunne via Storyful

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