Ford Mustang GTD Makes First Public Run at Goodwood Festival of Speed

2025 ford mustang gtd
Mustang GTD Makes First Public Run at GoodwoodFord
  • A year after its reveal, the Ford Mustang GTD is making its first official public run in front of fans, undergoing multiple runs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

  • Ford wants the GTD to take on the best track cars in the world and is targeting more than 800 horsepower from the supercharged 5.2-liter V-8.

  • Along with running up the hill, Ford announced a paint option that includes thousands of hues and an option to lock other buyers out of any given color.

It's been a year since Ford revealed the Mustang GTD to the surprise and excitement of many. We've been eagerly anticipating our first chance to see and hear the GT3-inspired road car in action—and today that time finally arrived. The GTD 'Stang made its first official public runs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's hill climb in the United Kingdom. The roughly $325,000 Mustang is scheduled to make two runs up the hill each day, starting today and extending through this Sunday.

2025 ford mustang gtd

Paint Protection

In addition to participating in the historic event that's held annually in the United Kingdom, Ford announced two new paint programs for GTD customers. Along with the six standard colors, Ford will offer GTD customers the option to order one from the Extended Color Palette program, which includes access to thousands of colors, much like Porsche's Paint to Sample Plus program.

Customers provide Ford with an example of their desired color, and the GTD concierge team "will do their best" to match the hue from the manufacturer's catalog. To make sure those who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their GTD get the correct color, Ford will send them a sample so they can see how it reacts in different lighting conditions.

2025 ford mustang gtd

For customers worried their chosen shade may not be exclusive enough, Ford is offering another option titled the "Exclusive Extended Color Palette Lock-Out Option." Yep, in addition to offering a nearly endless array of colors, Ford will allow customers to pay a premium that guarantees their color will not be chosen by another buyer. Talk about car-show clout.

Ford hasn't revealed just how much either option costs, and we don't expect them to. After all, the GTD is still in production, and we don't even have an exact starting price yet. You can tune in to the Festival of Speed livestream here.

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