Foreign Office issues Turkey travel advice in a series of updated warnings

Golden Horn and Bosphorus at sunset, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey's travel page has been updated -Credit:Getty

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) are warning travellers to stay up-to-date with the latest Turkey travel advice after issuing fresh alerts.

Updating its website on May 1, the government body wrote on X: "Read our latest travel advice for Turkey with information on health, wildfires, crime, outdoor activities and adventure tourism."

It comes at a time where the FCDO is advising "against all travel to parts of Turkey," with tourists told not to visit three areas.

If you head to the areas, it cautions: "Your travel insurance could be invalidated if you travel against FCDO advice. Consular support is also severely limited where FCDO advises against travel."

Where does the Foreign Office advice travelling against in Turkey?

Current travel advice to different parts of Turkey
Current travel advice to different parts of Turkey -Credit:FCO

Turkey-Syria border

FCDO advises against all travel to within 10km of the border with Syria due to fighting and a heightened risk of terrorism.

Sirnak city

FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Sirnak city.

Hakkari Province

FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Hakkari Province.

So what else do you need to know before heading abroad? Read below to find out.

Outdoor activities and adventure tourism

If you take part in an extreme sport, you should check that adequate safety precautions are in place with the FCDO warning that "British nationals have been injured and killed doing extreme sports".

Urging people to use "reputable operators" only, it added: "Make sure you are given full instructions and training before your activity. Make sure your travel insurance covers you for all activities you do."

If you are, for example, doing quad biking or going on mopeds, they say that it's an "extreme sport and carries the risk of serious injury or death" and before you take part, you need specific travel insurance to cover quad biking.

As for water sports, you should book activities at a licensed water sports centre. Before you start, you should:

  • make sure the paperwork is completed

  • ask for a safety demonstration

  • make sure you know how to call for help

You should follow local advice if jellyfish or urchins are present, it added.


The health section has detailed information about vaccinations and health risks as well as ensuing you have appropriate travel insurance for local treatment or unexpected medical evacuation.

The FCDO also discuss medical tourism, which is when people travel to have medical, surgical or dental treatment. Cosmetic surgery, dental procedures and cardiac surgery are the most common procedures for medical tourists, it advised.

You can read the latest information here.

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Wildfires and flooding

Under their 'extreme weather and natural disasters' section, the FCDO states: "Wildfires happen frequently in Turkey during summer."

If you see a wildfire, you should call the emergency services on 112.

It warns that you could get a fine or prison sentence for lighting a fire of any kind or discarding cigarettes in areas that are classed as risks such as in a woodland. Barbecues are prohibited in these areas too.

When it comes to flooding, it warns that severe rainstorms can result in flooding and landslides across Turkey which may damage roads and bridges. Some routes may become inaccessible making it difficult to travel.

If you’re in an affected area they urge people to monitor local media and follow instructions of local authorities, including evacuation orders.

You can read more about the weather here.


There are five sections in the FCDO's 'crime' information page with people being warned about street robbery and pickpocketing which is said to be "common in the major tourist areas of Istanbul."

Urging people to be aware of their personal belongings, it also urges people to stay alert when out drinking and eating as some food and drinks offered to you by strangers could be spiked. The Foreign Office also warns that accepting lifts from strangers could also be dangerous.

To find out more about these as well as counterfeit alcohol and sexual assault, visit its latest information page here.

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