Foreign Office warns UK tourists in Turkey over 'people you meet during the day'

UK tourists have been issued a Turkey travel warning over assaults in coastal tourist areas. Britons have been given a warning regarding holidays in Turkey with the government and UK Foreign Office moving to speak out over the spate of crimes in the summer holidays.

The UK Foreign Office warned: "In 2023, 42 cases of sexual assault, including rape, were reported to British consular staff in Turkey. Most cases happened during summer holidays in coastal tourist areas. Crimes were committed at night by someone the victim met during the day, including hotel and spa workers.

"There have also been sexual attacks on minors visiting toilet facilities alone. Be extra vigilant in these situations." In its alert, the Foreign Office advised: "Street robbery and pick-pocketing are common in the major tourist areas of Istanbul. Be aware of your personal belongings and make sure they are always secure."

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The FCDO continued: "In a small number of cases, counterfeit branded bottles of alcohol have caused deaths of tourists. If you have any concerns, ask for advice from your tour operator or the Turkish authorities." In terms of vehicle safety, "accepting lifts from strangers can be dangerous".

Holidaymakers should "find a registered taxi and note the registration number before entering". The FCDO also advises against all travel to some parts of Turkey and says: "The FCDO advises against all travel within 10km of the border with Syria.

"Fighting in Syria continues in areas close to the Turkish border and there remains a heightened risk of terrorism in the region. Due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, roads in Hatay Province leading towards the border may be subject to closure."

The UK Foreign Office also says it advises "against all but essential travel to Hakkari Province" too as well as the rehgon of Mount Ararat.