Forget Team Jess, Let's Talk Team Ryan. That Time Ryan Gosling Nearly Landed A Role On Gilmore Girls

 Alan Bosley (Ryan Gosling) preparing to enter the game in Remember the Titans.
Alan Bosley (Ryan Gosling) preparing to enter the game in Remember the Titans.

Throughout Gilmore Girls’ seven-season run, the drama series saw a decent amount of stars cross through Stars Hallow, whether it was a famous face who started as a supporting actor or just one of the show's regular ensemble of main cast member. Amid that pool of talent are the actors who made up Rory’s lineup of dreamy boyfriends, which fans have long been divided over. However, forget Team Jess, Team Dean, and even Team Logan because, apparently, Ryan Gosling nearly had a role on the fan-favorite series.

Before the rise of Ryan Gosling's romance films and other great movies, the Canadian actor had numerous memorable TV roles following his turn on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club in the ‘90s. After starring on Breaker High and Young Hercules and appearing in other shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps and Flash Forward, the future Oscar nominee auditioned for Gilmore Girls. While appearing at a convention devoted to the WB/CW show in Connecticut, casting director Jami Rudofsky was asked if there were ever any actors that were the “one that got away.”

Via Vulture, she recalled how she had previously cast a “handsome young star” in an independent film. Before his audition, she said she “rolled [her] eyes because he was late, and he was blond.” Upon seeing his work, though, her perception changed, as he was “amazing” and auditioning while “in character.” She later brought in the young actor to read for a small role as a football character. But, ultimately, the audition did not go so well, and everyone thought she was crazy for thinking he was good. “Everyone was like, ‘Really, Jamie?’,” Rudofsky shared. And that young actor was the eventual star of The Place Beyond the Pines.

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Since it was just a small part, it’s likely that he wouldn’t have even been on the show very long or had a big impact on continuing storylines. However, plenty of characters ultimately had bigger roles than initially intended, so it’s entirely possible that the eventual lead of The Fall Guy's cast could have been yet another boy that Rory might fall for and have to make a decision on. Of course, whether the La La Land star's character would've gotten involved with Rory Gilmore would've likely depended on his chemistry with series star Alexis Bledel.

If Ryan Gosling had been cast in Gilmore Girls and his character ended up being yet another love interest for Rory, there are a number of narrative possibilities. Above anything though, I could surely imagine Rory having to choose between Gosling's guy and the characters played by Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Czuchry. Honestly, Gosling not getting the part might have been for the better, as it's tough enough having to pick between two guys, let alone three. Having someone else come into the picture would definitely be too much -- even if Gosling is easy on the eyes.

It would have been great to see the beloved star join the series, and it's fun to imagine how much would have changed for a show that lost its way towards the end.Yet everything happens for a reason. And, on the other side of this equation, who knows just how much this gig might've detracted from the Nice Guys star's own career trajectory. If you ask me, everything turned out well for him in the end.

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