Former Broxtowe Conservative MP Anna Soubry backs Labour candidate

Broxtowe's former Conservative MP Anna Soubry wearing a green jumper
-Credit: (Image: Labour)

Broxtowe's former Conservative MP Anna Soubry has officially urged people to vote for Labour's candidate in the area in the July 4 general election. Ms Soubry, who first entered the House of Commons after the 2010 general election as Broxtowe's Conservative MP, later left the Conservatives under Boris Johnson's leadership to join Change UK.

Having lost out at the 2019 general election to the Conservative Party's Darren Henry, Ms Soubry has become increasingly vocal on social media in recent years about her growing support for Labour. Now, Ms Soubry has officially endorsed Juliet Campbell as Broxtowe's MP.

In a video released by the Labour Party, Ms Soubry says: "My name is Anna Soubry, I used to be the Conservative member of parliament for Broxtowe. I'm absolutely delighted to give my full support to Juliet Campbell in her endeavours to become the next member of parliament for Broxtowe and I really hope you will vote for Juliet. She'll be a great member of parliament, she'll represent everybody in Broxtowe and really do a cracking job.

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"She'll be your strong voice in Westminster, because we need to restore decency and competence in our country. On July 4th, I hope you'll join me in voting Labour."

It comes after John Doddy, previously a Conservative Party councillor, also raised eyebrows by choosing to run against Conservative candidate Darren Henry. Councillor Doddy has since been expelled from the Conservatives.

Below, in alphabetical order by surname, are all the candidates in Broxtowe.


Juliet Campbell

Liberal Democrats

James Collis


Dr John Doddy


Darren Henry


Teresa Needham

Reform UK

Joseph Oakley

Workers Party of Britain

Maqsood Syed