Former gay adult star sentenced to 99 years for murdering his lover

male adult porn star concept banana jeans sad prisioner old jail cell
male adult porn star concept banana jeans sad prisioner old jail cell

Jordan Joplin, known for his work as a former work as a gay adult star, has been sentenced to serve 99 years in prison for the first-degree murder of his former lover, Dr. Eric Garcia, a surgeon from Alaska, according to a statement from the State of Alaska Department of Law.

Joplin was previously found guilty of Garcia’s murder last June, though the murder itself occurred back in March of 2017. The State of Alaska Department of Law released a statement on the sentencing on April 9, where they noted that Judge Wolverton said this offense “stood out in his 40 years of experience due to the intentional and careful planning of the murder,” and that Joplin’s conduct was “brazen and craven.”

The sentence of 99 years is the maximum sentence for first-degree murder in Alaska.

During his time as a gay adult star, Joplin was known as Zack on Sean Cody, Logan Cruise on and Bromo, and Rob Stonebridge on Randy Blue.

On March 17, 2017, Joplin allegedly murdered Dr. Garcia with a lethal dose of morphine, methadone, diazepam, and lorazepam. According to police reports, he also delivered three shipping containers to the surgeon’s home on the same day, which he filled with over $320,000 worth of Garcia’s belongings to ship back to his own residence in Washington and made transfers of more than $30,000 from his bank accounts.

Joplin told authorities at the time that he’d traveled to meet Garcia at his Ketchikan home on March 15 and came home on the day of the murder, though he reported Garcia missing on March 18 and requested a welfare check on him on March 27.

He also reportedly recorded at least a portion of the murder, though he still maintains his innocence.

According to the Alaska Public Media, during his sentencing, Joplin testified for himself through his attorney, Lars Johnson, who said, “Mr. Joplin has asked me to note that he acknowledges Dr. Garcia’s death and the effect it had on the family and Dr. Garcia’s friends and the community of Ketchikan and that he maintains his innocence of the crime.”