Former PM David Cameron earns £2,000-A-MINUTE making speeches

David Harding
Life’s a Speech: David Cameron (Rex)

He may have been the man who set in chain the Brexit vote, which has shaken British politics to the core.

But it has not affected former prime minister David Cameron’s earning potential, who is reported to make £2,000-A-MINUTE to make speeches.

The Express reports that he earned £120,000 in just one month last year and and another £200,000 for just one speech in India, last December.

His speeches are organised by the Washington Speakers Bureau, reported the paper and included one testimonial which said the ex-PM makes an ‘impactful and timely’ speech and has an ‘approachable demeanour’.

Brexit supporters celebrate following the 2016 vote (Rex)

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Mr Cameron, 51, stepped down after the Brexit referendum in June 2016, when the British people voted to leave the European Union.

He had been a staunch advocate of remaining in the EU.

The Conservative had been prime minister from 2010.

Since stepping down he has also taken unpaid jobs, including becoming president of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Mr Cameron stood down after the EU vote in 2016 (Rex)

He is also thought to be busy working on an autobiography, expected to be published next year and which has reportedly fetched an advance of around £1 million.

The former Etonian was in the news over money earlier this year when it was revealed he spent £25,000 on a hut for his garden.