Former President Trump Visits East Palestine, Ohio

Former US President Donald Trump visited the small Ohio town of East Palestine on February 22, after a train carrying toxic substances derailed in the area earlier in the month.

Footage streamed live to Facebook by Melissa Sue Crummitt Caudill shows a small group of supporters and media surrounding Trump, who’s wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, near the roadhouse in East Palestine.

Trump used his visit to critizise President Joe Biden’s response to the derailment. In a press conference, Trump said the Biden administration had shown “indifference and betrayal" towards East Palestine residents. Biden has yet to visit the town.

According to reports, Trump donated over 14,000 bottles of “Trump Water” – name-branded bottled water – to the community.

Shortly before Trump’s visit, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced he would visit Thursday after also facing criticism for not coming earlier. Credit: Melissa Sue Crummitt Caudill via Storyful

Video transcript



- Shoot.

- I'm going to give--

- Be right back.

- We can't even get close to him.

- You where he's at?

- No, I missed it.

- He's got the red hat on.

- He's wearing a hat?

- Yeah.

- You see him?

- Yeah, you can see the red hat.


- Oh, there he is.


- Over here.

- Whoa!

- We love you, President Trump!



- It's JD Vance.

- There he is, guys. Whoa!

- There he is Right there.

- Let's go, Trump!

- Let's go, Trump!

- We love you, President Trump!

- Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

- Oh, here he is.

- Sorry.

- That's OK.

- I don't see him. Excuse me.

- Go. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

- Finally.

- Yeah, the red hat.

- Oh, there he is. There he is.

- You can actually see the president?

- Sure.

- [INAUDIBLE] under the tent over here. I can't tell if he has any, it looks like the mayor of the Palestine is also over there. Again, this is live from East Palestine. You got President Trump [INAUDIBLE] the town, speaking with Senator JD Vance, speaking with the mayor of East Palestine.

I can't quite tell from behind here who the other person is. It does not look like he's speaking with any residents yet. I know, hopefully, we get some other residents here. John, if you to speak over here.

- Yeah.

- Come on over.

- I love you!

- Oh, OK.

- Hurry. Now let's hear it. Trump! Trump!

- Trump!

- Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

- Woo!

- Oh, yeah!

- Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

- We love you!

- Woo!

- Yes!

- Oh my God! He's coming over.

- He's coming over, guys.

- Hey, hit this on film.

- He is coming over.

- Corey. Brooke, Brooke, Brooke, Brooke!

- Woo!

- Yeah!

- Woo!

- Yes!

- I don't have a [? mitten. ?] My purse is back there.

- We love you!

- We love you, President Trump!

- We love you!

- Hey, Corey, get up here. Come here. Come here. Get over here. We'll see. See what he's saying.

- [INAUDIBLE] for my people.

- So right now he's saying--

- Thanks for coming down to us!

- Thank you for coming!

- We love you!

- He's going to [INAUDIBLE] so I may actually get--

- Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

- Trump!

- Thank you!

- Thank you, Trump!

- Come this way!

- Help our community, Trump!

- Help us!

- So if you guys can see, he's the one in the middle with the red hat. [INAUDIBLE] right there.


- You got a good angle? There he is! There he is! Get that angle. Yeah!

- Oh my god!

- There he is! Hey, Donald!

- Woo-hoo!


- Don't run! All my friends are over here!

- Thanks for coming! We love you!

- Hey.

- Are you ready?

- Yeah.


- Right there. Right there.

- He still talking to JD? Is JD Vance still over there?

- Oh, I was 10 feet from him.

- I know. Where did JD Vance go? Is he still there?

- They're all in cars now.

- Oh. Trump 2024.


- This is not worth it. [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- Let's go over here and get it.

- Yeah.

- Did you see less?

- No.

- It's a wonder we didn't get arrested.

- He had to stay back.

- [INAUDIBLE] tackling each other right here.

- He had to stay back because he had Blakely.


- I got to--


- Did you shake his hand, [INAUDIBLE]?



- I got to be here. He said he's going to come to you on the ramp. He's going to go down and make a speech. He's making a speech.

- [INAUDIBLE] you're going to leave it just like there.

- Guys, like--


- You got to see him?

- I was right there, like from--