Former Trump Comms Director Calls Him an ‘Artist’ – and ‘Cable News Is His Canvas’ | Video

Mike Dubke, Donald Trump’s former communications director, doesn’t think all the footage of the ex-president in court is hurting his campaign. On the contrary, he thinks it makes Trump “an artist” whose “canvas” is cable news.

During Thursday morning’s episode of “CNN This Morning With Kasie Hunt,” Dubke and the panel debated whether or not a prolonged trial is “tipping the scales” in Trump’s favor, with most of the group arguing that voters deserve to have a verdict well before they head to the ballot box.

That said, Kate Bedingfield noted that the trial is a “problematic” thing for Trump’s campaign to have hanging over its head. But, Dubke actually disagreed.

“I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but Donald Trump is an artist and cable news is his canvas,” he said. “And that is what’s happened. He is dominating all of this, even being in court. So that’s part of the process now, and that’s how our election are being run.”

Dubke also questioned where President Biden has been, saying he hasn’t been speaking to the people through televised press conferences or anything. But, in response to his “artist” assertion, Dubke was met with laughs, but Tara Palmieri agreed

“A lot of Republicans and Democrats keep referring to this as an in-kind campaign contribution, this entire trial,” she said.

You can watch the full segment in the video above.

Dubke’s flattering spin about his former boss may in fact reflect what people have told him, but reality disagrees. Trump has declined steadily in recent political polls, and that drop began around the same time as his current criminal trial. Correlation is not causation, and it’s still a long way from election day, but at the moment the spectacle of being tried for crimes related to his efforts to cover up sexual infidelity with a former porn actress appears to be harming more than helping the disgraced ex-president.

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