Four British women are ‘set to sue Andrew Tate in London’s High Court over rape and choking claims

Four British women are set to sue influencer Andrew Tate in London’s High Court, alleging that he raped and coercively controlled them.

The abuse is said to have taken place between 2013 and 2016, before he rose to prominence on social media.

Each of the women claim that Mr Tate throttled them until the blood vessels in their eyes burst, while he allegedly texted one to say: “I love raping you.”

Three of the women reported him to Hertfordshire Police but after a four-year investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service did not bring charges.

Tate has denied the allegations and is threatening to sue them for defamation.

According to The Sunday Times, the women now believe a civil case to be their only option, and are reportedly planning to sue Mr Tate for pychiatric harm and personal injury.

“We were forced to watch as Andrew was allowed to leave the country while still under investigation, and saw his fame and influence grow in the way that it did,” one of the women said.

They are expected to file their claim in the coming weeks, which includes allegations that Tate choked them, beat them with a belt and raped them numerous times.

Two of the women first made public allegations against the influencer in a Vice World News article in January, with the third coming forward the following week.

Having read about the women’s legal action, the fourth joined the civil claim in June, with lawyers saying that more than six other women had approached them with potential personal injury cases against Mr Tate.

The women are claiming that Mr Tate coercively controlled and raped them (Andreea Alexandru/AP) (AP)
The women are claiming that Mr Tate coercively controlled and raped them (Andreea Alexandru/AP) (AP)

Their solicitor, Matthew Jury at McCue Jury & Partners, said Tate’s public profile had grown since the women came forward, and that they had seen children copying his mannerisms as he became a martyr of “masculinity”.

A spokesman for Andrew Tate said the British women’s allegations “stem from a letter submitted by Matthew Jury, in which he suggested mediation through financial compensation”, adding: “It is important to emphasise that this letter does not constitute a formal legal case.”

A letter written in response to the pre-litigation notice said that Mr Tate “shall resist any attempt to claim anonymity for all or any of the complainants” and was “contemplating proceedings against the complainants” for defamation.

Jennifer Sayles, a lawyer working alongside Matthew Jury, said the four women were “suffering immensely” and had been dealing with “bouts of depression and anxiety”.

The Tate brothers are facing human trafficking and sexual exploitation charges in Romania (AP)
The Tate brothers are facing human trafficking and sexual exploitation charges in Romania (AP)

One of the women alleges she was recruited by Tate as a webcam model in 2014 and was promised a glamorous lifestyle, before she was isolated and raped by him.

Another said that Mr Tate told her “I own you” and “you belong to me” while regularly choking her, while another claimed he throttled her to the point she thought she would die.

While he was being investigated by Hertfordshire police for three of the allegations, he appeared on Big Brother and travelled to live in Romania.

Mr Tate is currently banned from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook due to his comments towards women, many of which are deemed as sexist and misogynistic.

He sells access to the War Room, an online “brotherhood and community” with membership fees of £4,000 and continues to use X (formerly known as Twitter).

He and his brother Tristan, as well as two Romanian women, are currently awaiting trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They each deny the allegations against them.