Four plants to prune before the end of May to 'encourage a second flush' of flowers in summer

4 plants to prune before the end of May to encourage a second flush of flowers in summer
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Pruning plants, flowers and trees can stimulate longer flowering periods and new growth. Timing is key when it comes to pruning, and many plants are ready for a trim in May as they have either finished flowering or are about to bloom.

However, May is also a prime nesting season, so it's important to ensure you're not disturbing any nests before you start pruning.

Here's everything you need to know about pruning some of the most common garden plants.

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Hillier garden centre suggests cutting back the stems by 30cm immediately after the spring bloom, reports the Express.

This action, they say, will "encourage a second flush" of flowers later in the year.

If the plant's growth is weak, prune back by up to a third, but always check for nests first and delay if you find one.


According to Hiller garden centre, young hibiscus plants should be pruned hard in late spring, just before the new flowering season begins.

However, established plants will need minimal pruning at this time of year.

When pruning hibiscus plants, cut them back by about a third, leaving at least two to three nodes on the branches for new growth.


The RHS advises: "Prune overcrowded, dead or diseased stems of Clematis Montana once it has finished flowering."

Untangling the stems might be tricky, but once you've figured out where to cut, you don't need to worry about pruning this plant - it responds well even to hard cutting back.


Depending on the variety, lavender can be pruned at different times of the year, but May is often a good time.

There are a couple of popular varieties of lavender commonly grown in the UK, including English and French.

Both will need pruning, but the English variety tends to be more hardy, meaning it can be left outside throughout the year.

Pruning lavender plants will encourage better flowering and ensure they don't become leggy and weak.