Fox Host Desperately Tries to Connect the Dots Between Biden and Trump Investigations

Mike Segar/Reuters
Mike Segar/Reuters

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) seems eager to believe a potential decision by the Manhattan District Attorney to indict Donald Trump has something to do with his quest to unearth documents tangentially related to Joe Biden’s family.

Comer appeared on Maria Baritromo’s Sunday Morning Futures, where Bartiromo led her one-person crusade on tying a House GOP memo detailing a payment made to Beau Biden’s widow Hallie to a potential indictment of Trump next week. She initially tried to play it straight, asking if Comer had a comment on a Trump indictment, before Comer helped launch right into it.

“It’s very odd that this would come out just the very next day after I revealed bank records which showed that the Biden family, the president in particular, hasn’t been truthful with respect to his family receiving payments directly from the Chinese communist party,” Comer said. “So it almost looks like it’s an effort to detract.”

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee published a memo on Thursday that detailed how a Hunter Biden associate paid a total of $35,000 to Hallie Biden from a $3 million payment made to him by a Chinese-based company. A representative for Hunter Biden told CNN the president‘s son entered into a legitimate business dealing and shared some of his cut with his uncle, James, and Hallie, who he was romantically involved with after Beau Biden’s death.

Comer did not seem eager to acknowledge how the Manhattan DA’s investigation has been a months-long effort and was known to be in its final stages for weeks.

Bartiromo seemed to try and lay her foundation further in John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence under Trump, trying to weave in Biden‘s decision to wait to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon to deference to the nation entirely.

“You're just talking about this soft approach from Joe Biden to China, we're constantly asking: Why? Why not protect America?” Bartiromo demanded. “Is it a coincidence now that Trump is going to get indicted on Tuesday after these bank records were revealed last week?”

Donald Trump’s team has confirmed that there has been no formal notice of indictment.

Ratcliffe, however, would not fully take the bait.

“I don't really believe much in coincidences. and so I do think that there, you know—I think that it's important what Congressman Comer is doing and it's a way for the American people to really find out what's happening,” he said. “I hope that that effort continues.”

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