Fox News Star Shouts Down Colleague for Invoking Her Jewish Heritage: ‘Don't Do That!’

Fox News
Fox News

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell lost his mind on Thursday when network pundit Jessica Tarlov invoked her Jewish-American heritage during a discussion about Israel and President Joe Biden, prompting an angry Terrell to seemingly accuse her of playing the race card.

“Don’t do that!” Terrell yelled, adding: “You’re a big-time Democrat!”

Tarlov, who is used to being shouted down as the resident liberal on Fox News’ The Five, attempted to calmly respond to Terrell, only for the conservative firebrand to grow increasingly more animated.

“Why are you yelling?” Tarlov asked at one point.

During Thursday’s broadcast of The Story, Terell and Tarlov were ostensibly brought on to discuss a high-dollar fundraiser planned for Biden that is expected to net the president’s re-election campaign upwards of $25 million. The conversation grew more heated, however, when guest anchor Trace Gallagher noted that pro-Palestinian protesters would likely interrupt the event.

“We just talked with Sen. Rick Scott, who is in Israel right now and he says listen, [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu told him he is not backing off, they are going into Rafah,” Gallagher stated. “And he will have these protests outside Radio City Hall by these pro-Palestinian supporters, and if Benjamin Netanyahu is accurate to his word I mean the president will have a very tough time trying to win those protesters over.”

Saying that “Gaza is a big issue” for Gen Z voters, Tarlov added that Biden is trying to find a “solution where we have a humanitarian fix but also make sure Israel is allowed to finish the job and to get those hostages home.” She added that Biden and Netanyahu ultimately have to do what’s best for their own countries.

A one-time progressive commentator who rechristened himself Leo 2.0 when he went full MAGA before the 2020 election, Terell took a decidedly less nuanced approach than his liberal cohost.

“Joe Biden has a Michigan policy—kowtow to the pro-Palestinian groups in America. He has abandoned Israel,” Terrell exclaimed. “It’s not just Israel he abandoned! Jewish Americans attending universities! Let’s be clear, Joe Biden will do anything to win Michigan [by] throwing our biggest ally under the bus, throwing Jewish Americans under the bus! Shame on Joe Biden! This is ridiculous! It’s outrageous!”

Reacting to Terrell’s rant, Tarlov attempted to give her perspective as the “only Jewish-American on the panel,” only for her colleague to quickly interrupt her and lash out.

“Don’t play that—don’t do that! Don’t do that! That’s not the point,” he screamed, leading Tarlov to remind him that he broached Jewish Americans’ opinion on Biden first.

“Oh, okay! You’re a big-time Democrat, and you’re going to defend Joe Biden notwithstanding the numbers,” he raged at a bemused Tarlov. “And you know he is throwing Israel under the bus! And he’s thrown Jewish American students under the bus at all these universities! It's sickening!”

Gallagher, meanwhile, told Tarlov he would give her “ten seconds to respond,” leading her to patiently explain that while many Jewish Americans have issues with Biden’s Israel policies, they also largely feel he’s been a strong support of that country.

“I know he wants a solid fix and I know he also understands within Israel there are problems with Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership,” she continued. “I think what you’re saying is very dangerous, just like what President Trump was saying.”

Terrell, predictably, blew up once again. “Dangerous! Dangerous,” he shouted while pointing at himself.

“Why are you yelling?” Tarlov wondered as Leo 2.0 flew into a full tantrum before Gallagher mercifully ended the segment.

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