Fox News, Trump Agree: ‘Far-Left’ Is Worse Than ‘Any Foreign Adversary’

Jeenah Moon/Getty
Jeenah Moon/Getty

Going out of their way to let Donald Trump know that they have his back, several Fox News hosts voiced their agreement on Thursday with the former president’s latest claim that the “far-left” is far more dangerous to America than “any foreign adversary.”

Just as he’s done for weeks now, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee addressed the press before the start of Thursday’s proceedings in his hush-money trial. At one point, Trump fumed to reporters that America’s “problem is from the left and not from the right,” adding that progressives from “within the country” are a “bigger danger than China or Russia.”

Teasing a segment about Trump’s comments on Fox News’ midday chatfest Outnumbered, host Emily Compagno cheerfully noted that the ex-president had just warned the public “that the far left is a far greater threat to America than any foreign adversary.” Before throwing it to commercial, she declared: “We’ll tell you why we agree.”

Returning from the break, anchor Harris Faulkner teed up the former president’s remarks by saying he “took the time to warn America about the far-left” and that Trump “does have a microphone and he does know how to use it” during the lengthy trial.

Washington Examiner editor Kaylee McGhee White, meanwhile, insisted that Trump was right because the “far-left and China share the exact same goal.” Pointing to college students protesting against the war in Gaza, White claimed that the “shared goal is ultimately the destruction of America, its institutions, and the values that we all here cherish.”

She continued: “The far-left is the bigger threat in this situation, because, who controls the institutions? Who has the power in this country? The left. And we see this in a courtroom right now where the former president is facing hundreds of charges on multiple different indictments simply because Democrats are able to bring cases against him in these positions of power.”

While White asserted that “all China has to do at this point is push a few dominoes and the house of cards crumbles within on itself,” Faulkner said that the “divide between the far-left is driving a narrative that it is dangerous to the country.” Suggesting that American progressives are looking to “hunt Jews,” Faulkner then brought up President Joe Biden’s ultimatum to Israel that he’ll stop weapons shipments if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a ground invasion into Rafah.

“And now the president says he wants to withhold the weaponry for our greatest ally in the Middle East. I mean, the far-left, are they the people in your party that are dragging him or is going willingly?” Faulkner dramatically asked Democratic strategist Kevin Walling.

From there, the conversation devolved into a variety of familiar right-wing grievances and MAGA talking points. (And, yes, George Soros was indeed namechecked.) After Walling pointed out that former President Ronald Reagan also paused weapons exports to Israel over concerns about its military actions, for instance, the other hosts reacted by claiming Biden was guilty of the same conduct that led to Trump’s first impeachment. (This has become an increasingly familiar refrain within conservative circles.)

Elsewhere, Compagno accused the nation’s far-left of “destroying biological women in sports” and dismantling college campuses before tying it all directly to America’s adversaries. “There is a chaos element that is a stated objective of our enemies such as Russia and China and the communist regimes all over the place,” she huffed.

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